Forever Album

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    It’s the story that matters most. 

    Highly meaningful and personalized, the beautiful Forever Album is a professionally published keepsake book that can accompany the artwork. It is a grand gesture at its finest and ensures that your gift will be truly unforgettable.


    The Forever Album conveys your thoughtfulness and the depth of your love; it’s sure to bring your loved one to joyful tears!

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  • “It's not how much we give, but how much love we put into giving.”

    — Mother Teresa

  • What goes into the Forever Album?


    Heartfelt Letter


    A heartfelt letter from you to the gift recipient, in which you reflect on shared memories and the many reasons you love and appreciate them. Drawn directly from a conversation with you, my team of storytellers helps you articulate your emotions and memories to translate your feelings into beautifully written letters.


    Custom Photos


    A fully customized collection of cherished photos commemorating sacred memories you’ve shared and your loved one’s milestones.


    The Journey


    A photo journal documenting my journey of creating this artwork. (People love progress pics!) I include a “Letter from the Artist” to the gift recipient.


    The 10” x 10” hardcover album is the highest-quality printed album on the market. Every album features 10–20 Premium Lustre pages. The album is customized by a professional designer with your loved one’s taste and preferences in mind, and it matches the style of the artwork.


    While the finishes are high-quality, it’s what is inside that makes it so remarkable and memorable. Your loved one will proudly display their Forever Album on their coffee table—and it will serve as a constant reminder that they’re precious to you.


    And that’s why it’s a Forever Album.


  • “I was too emotional to read the album on the day when I received the portrait. So, I waited for a quiet moment on another day when I was alone. The album is as precious to me as the portrait itself.”

    — Matthias